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Therapist Coaching

Perhaps you are seeking some counsel on what areas of study may be of most help for you for being of more value to your clients or you may simply wish to have some independent guidance on new career possibilities, including help with evaluating and choosing prospective job offers.

You may also wish to deepen your working knowledge and skills as a therapist by working with one of our authors on a particular therapeutic skill set, such as understanding transference/counter-transference, career assessment, couples counseling or how to enlist the client’s spirituality as a support for their therapy.

Our psychologists are insightful and skilled at helping further your career. Please call or email us for more information on how we may be of help.

It may be rationally argued that working with a larger number of people than you now do in your talk therapy, life coaching or natural healthcare practice may be of more value to the world than focusing more exclusively on improving the techniques that you now utilize or adding new ones to the work you do for clients.


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