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Practice Building Consulting

It may be rationally argued that working with a larger number of people than you now do in your talk therapy, life coaching or natural healthcare practice may be of more value to the world than focusing more exclusively on improving the techniques that you now utilize or adding new ones to the work you do for clients.

Yet, for many people, practice building also seems to be linked with the notion that building a practice changes our focus from people to money. And if our focus would shift in this way, we may wonder if building our practice might be manipulative to some extent. Thoughts like these often get in the way of having a full practice that helps a great many people and brings us greater financial rewards.

Our own experience shows that building a larger practice may be accomplished by better serving your clients, earning a favorable reputation and generating good will to garner ample referrals from the client’s family members, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. To do so, it is imperative that practice-building methods are not a set of rigid molds for you to try and fit into; but instead are an organic outgrowth of who you innately and authentically are in your work and in the world.

Because we have had wonderful success in building busy fulltime practices ourselves, and have done so as a natural outgrowth of who we are in our own corner of the world, we have real-world strategies to share with you.

We will seek to discover how your unique abilities, your local community, the high-return advertising and free publicity mediums available to you, and your objectives for practice growth, may best integrate so your practice organically grows to the level where you feel you have actualized your full practice potential.

We also have experience in how to utilize internet-based resources to increase your client volume. Just call or email us to set-up a 20 – 30 minute exploratory telephone consultation to determine if it may make sense for you to leverage our experience to build your practice. There is no charge for this initial exploratory consultation.

While our authors all work with clients in our local community as talk therapists and do life coaching, we have elected to only offer coaching and consulting (not therapy) for other talk therapists, natural healthcare practitioners and the public at large who are beyond our geographic region.

Therefore the work we do will utilize email, telephone and internet-based video to communicate with our long distance clients.

Coaching and consulting is done by prearranged appointments and prepayment utilizing our website shopping cart, credit card faxed or telephoned into our office or by check which we must receive prior to the prearranged appointment.


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