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Our Offerings

IntegraLife Publishing provides engaging, uplifting and information-packed publications as booklets, journals and audio CDs. We specialize in self-help publications in the areas of health care, psychology and spirituality. We also offer coaching and consulting services by our authors.

Psychologists, Life Coaches, Consultants and Natural Health Practitioners will find that our publications provide a great resource for helping their clients to make more rapid progress.

We also offer concise, high-value training manuals and coaching/consulting for psychologists, life coaches, natural healthcare practitioners and yoga teachers in career development, practice building and professional skills enhancement.

Please browse our site and purchase any products that might interest you. If you could be interested in offering our publications to your clients or you wish to inquire about our coaching and consulting services, please call, write or email us.

Please browse our site and purchase any publications that might interest you. Should you have any questions about any of our publications or our consulting or coaching service, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We promise to respond promptly.

Our Products & Services

1. Booklets, journals and audio recordings clearly presented to help the clients of psychologists, life coaches, natural health and yoga practitioners to enjoy greater happiness, health and success in their lives. Our publications are pragmatic, concise and focused so readers can quickly incorporate the concepts and readily integrate them into their busy lives.

2. Training manuals with CD’s for psychologists, life coaches and natural health and yoga practitioners that provide the ‘how to’ information you need to more effectively address client problems and build your practice.

Galen Martini, Licensed Psychologist and Jungian Analyst, is currently authoring a training program on how to work with one’s client’s dreams in therapy work.

Richard & Bonnett Chandler, who own and operate a successful natural healthcare and yoga practice, are authoring a training program that helps service practices to substantially increase client count without relying on expensive advertising.

3. Consulting and coaching services by our authors, all of which have extensive training and decades of experience in successfully operating their own practices. We focus on helping therapists, life coaches and natural healthcare practitioners increase the profitability of their practices without increasing stress levels.

We welcome your inquiry about other areas where we may be of help to you. We can arrange for you to have a short telephone session, in which you briefly outline your concern, and together with our consultant, you may explore whether or not consulting or coaching makes sense for your unique situation.

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