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Mastering the Secrets of Yoga Flow DVD

Doug is one of my yoga teachers. He recently taught a workshop for us here in Minnesota and my own yoga students really enjoyed Doug's presentation.

I personally use this video for my own practice and have found it to be the most valuable one I have used to date. Doug gives variations or the postures within the routine so it is not too dificult for beginners and as one gains more experience in yoga the more advanced versions of the postures may be done.In this way, the DVD is a great value as it can serve your practice for years and years. - Richard Chandler, Yoga Teacher

80 minutes (All levels)

This DVD is a beautiful, inspirational and educational guide to Doug's new style of Sadhana Yoga Chi. Presented in five easy to access programs. Several programs are filmed in stunning outdoor locations and others in the tranquility of the studio. Mastering the Secrets of Yoga Flow is enhanced with light background music.

Program one: is a breathtaking presentation of Doug practicing yoga in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico


Program two: is an indoor lecture on Doug's philosophy and style of holistic yoga practice.

Program three: This is an intermediate instructional indoor class highlighting beautiful vinyasa's and a variety of yoga adjustments.

Program four: is a classic intermediate to advanced level practice, in a beautiful outdoor park location.


Program five: This is an indoor session presenting a wonderful guided deep relaxation and meditation.

Price - $24.95


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