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Life Coaching vs. Talk Therapy

Talk Therapy

Since many talk therapists also do life coaching, there is an overlap between these two ways of moving one’s life forward. There are important distinctions however, to help you choose which type of work is more appropriate and helpful for you.

One would do well to seek the help of a talk therapist when experiencing anxiety, depression, severe stress, family or intimate partnership struggles or an overall lack of wellbeing.

Working with a psychologist, Licensed Family Therapist or social worker most commonly involves examining various aspects of your present life and how they relate to the events, people and experiences of your past. Your talk therapist guilds you in this way into discovering where patterns which don’t presently serve you may have originated.

Once you see and understand these less than optimal or even dysfunctional patterns, you may also learn how to change them so your life improves and your overall sense of happiness and wellbeing heightens.Talk therapists generally are paid by fees based on an hourly rate and their services are frequently covered by insurance plans.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching has much more to do with your present life and how to recreate it in ways that best serve your goals, aspirations and innately unique abilities. Your life coach provides an objective analytical look at your life, as it now exists in relation to your aspirations, to help bring sharper focus into identifying what may be hindering forward momentum towards your goals.

He or she will also bring their own skills, expertise and successful experience in their field into helping you build a strategic plan for manifesting the life you envision for yourself.

Coaching & Consulting For Your Business or Profession

Here the focus doesn’t surround issues involving the totality of one’s life. We instead help our clients achieve optimal results focused on specific aspects of their business or profession.

For example, our IntegraLife Publishing & Consulting authors offer coaching and consulting to talk therapists on practice building, on how to expand their services to help their own clients discover and better match their own innate personality to their careers, on working with client’s dreams and on how to help clients enlist their own spiritual or religious beliefs to best support their work in talk therapy.


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