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Health & Wellness Coaching

As a health coach, there are many things to consider when a client comes to you for health and wellness coaching. First of all, what are their expectations and concerns about their overall health? Are they coming in because they heard that Vitamin C may help their immune system and they’ve been getting a lot of colds?

Perhaps they have a chronic or an acute debilitating illness and need information on how supplements will benefit them during their recovery process. They may need to know if a certain supplement or herb will contraindicate with a prescribed medication.

Do they feel ‘pretty good’ and just want some advice on how diet, supplements, or herbs may help optimize their health, or are they very ill, under a doctor’s care and need a specific regimen of diet, exercise, and supplements to help their bodies negotiate dysfunction?

Our job is to assess the needs of each individual and to help him or her to find a health-building protocol that they can easily work with.

It makes sense to work with a natural health practitioner who has a basic knowledge and appreciation of western medicine, be it a simple understanding of antibiotics, antidepressants, or chemotherapy, for example.

Diet and exercise advice is useful when needed. Some clients need minimal help with their health problems and others may need extensive help, involving research and communication with their other healthcare practitioners.

It is important for people to find a place where they can discuss their health concerns in a safe, confidential environment. Listening skills are paramount. The natural health coach best serves clients by determining the appropriate protocols to recommend, so clients are not overwhelmed or discouraged by giving them too much information and instruction or too little to achieve the client’s health goals.

Those coming to you for health and wellness coaching are looking for something in their lives that they know is missing – the ability to find a good, safe, affordable program to enhance their well-being. Helping them find a new level of health and awareness about themselves and their bodies is an extremely rewarding venture.


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