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Coaching & Consulting Format

While our authors all work with clients in our local community as talk therapists and do life coaching, we have elected to only offer coaching and consulting (not therapy) for other talk therapists, natural healthcare practitioners and the public at large who are beyond our geographic region.

Therefore the work we do will utilize email, telephone and internet-based video to communicate with our long distance clients.

Coaching and consulting is done by prearranged appointments and prepayment utilizing our website shopping cart, credit card faxed or telephoned into our office or by check which we must receive prior to the prearranged appointment.

Fees for Coaching & Consulting

Coaches and consultants often delineate an aspect of the service they provide and together with clients, mutually commit to clearly identifiable goals. A fee may then be determined for performing that aspect of the service. For example, the life coach may have a set fee for assessing your present situation, which is not linked to an hourly rate.

After the assessment is completed, they may then outline a clearly defined service involving the creation and implementation of a strategic plan for you, which has another fee.

Life coaches may also do work based on an hourly rate. Life coaching services are not covered by insurance plans but may be totally tax deductible as a business expense as you may be seeing coaching primarily for moving your business forward. And moving your business forward quite often impacts aspects of your personal life and how they interact with the work of your profession. Of course, you would do well to check in with your tax adviser to properly apply the law to deducting fees paid in working with a life or business coach.

Our IntegraLife Publishing & Consulting authors do coaching and consulting primarily on an hourly fee basis. When we can clearly demarcate the parameters of a consulting or coaching project, we can also quote a fee for completing our work on the project, which is not fee-based.

What works best for prospective clients is to call or email us to set up a time for a short (20 – 30 minute) phone conversation in which we discuss your objectives. After doing so, we can provide you a quote on a project basis or give you an idea of what amount of consulting time it may require for you to be helped by working with us. This conversation will be focused on understanding your unique situation and mutually determining if working with us would be a good match in terms of achieving your objectives within your timeframes and budget.

We can also quote you an hourly rate at that same time. There is no charge for this initial phone discussion.

Coaching and consulting fees are generally deductible as a business expense if this work relates directly to your business or profession. Please check with your own tax professional prior to deducting these services.

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