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Kirk Lamb, Ph.D.

Dr. Kirk Lamb is a practicing psychologist with Processus, a counseling, consulting & career transition center in central MN. He brings over 30 years of professional counseling & consulting experience to his work with individuals, couples, families and groups.

His work with couples grew from the insights of his teachers: his couple clients (over one thousand since 1980), some pioneering marriage researchers, his professional colleagues & his own marriage to Dee, with whom he has enjoyed a loving fellowship for over thirty-five years.

Dr. Lamb’s specialty in career counseling helps clients navigate through some of the dangers and opportunities of career refocusing. His fresh and out of the ordinary insights provide clients with ways to discover and tap into their own unique abilities, interests and strengths.

As a photographer, Dr. Lamb’s work seeks to capture the essence of his subjects, in portraiture, weddings and nature photography.

He is the author of two concise IntegraLife booklets. The first is on enhancing marriage and partnerships. His other booklet helps in discovering and launching a carreer based on ones true interests and aptitudes.

Note: IntegraLife Publishing & Kirk Lamb are in the process of making greeting cards from his photographs. We will have a link here as soon as they are available.

You may reach him at 320.252.2976 for counseling or by email at kdlamb(at) Note: Please use @ rather than (at) when sending Dr. Lamb email.




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